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AbilityNet Videos

Page history last edited by Kath Moonan 13 years, 12 months ago

New videos added!

Please note all these links will take you to Easy Youtube, YouTube playlist links below:


Some of the AbilityNet videos from Scripting Enabled are now available on YouTube. 

These include


Access via Difficult YouTube

You can access all of the videos on our AbilityNet Scripting Enabled channel.



Easy YouTube tested by a screen reader user

Kath(Voice over) Easy YouTube tested by a screen reader user.

Kirin:So here are the items i enter into that. Do I?


[Jaws screen reader talking rapidly]

Kirin:Ah right.

[Jaws screen reader talking rapidly]

Kirin:Ooh its telling me the play controls, how cool is that. [laughs]

Kath: [laughs]Go on, do you want to have an explore.

Kirin: There is a play.

[Jaws screen reader talking rapidly]

Kirin: Now the only worry is would that happen if I did list links would it still come up? Cos it’s saying bullet.

[Jaws screen reader talking rapidly]

Kirin: Ok, it’s got all the buttons.

[Jaws screen reader talking rapidly]

Kirin: Oh great it’s telling me where the box is.  How cool is that. So that’s it, that underneath that is where I would go into that, underneath there in the edit is that it.  Is that it?

Kath: if we do the same thing again and look for the video.

[Jaws screen reader talking rapidly]

Kirin: This is quite exciting because I understand this concept.

Kirin: Now it’s gone quiet again, oh come back, what’s happened. No it’s not speaking.

[Jaws screen reader talking rapidly]

Kath(Voice over) – it takes the user a few attempts to find the search results.

[Jaws screen reader talking rapidly]

Kirin: Ahhh you have to press a ‘go’ button on this.

[Jaws screen reader talking rapidly for a longer period of time]

Kirin: oh no

[Jaws screen reader talking rapidly]

Kirin: Now it should play it.  There we are.  There we go.  We’ll just keep it quiet.

Kath: Great

Kath: So what can.. Obviously you found you know actually seemed to be enjoying that.

Kirin: [laughs] yes it was really nice, it was really easy it was very simple I like..

The thing is the power, the web is supposed to give you power and often the web doesn’t give you power because what it does is you lose the power because of the complexities of how to get around it but this has given me the power that it should give me in the beginning. Which is I can stop it  [Kirin demonstrates stopping the video]

[Jaws screen reader talking rapidly]

Kath(Voice over): Easy YouTube can be accessed on http://icant.co.uk/easy-youtube/

Kath(Voice over):Easy YouTube was created by Christian Heilman.  This video was made by AbilityNet with thanks to Kirin Saeed and City University


end transcript

Special thanks to Judith Garman (AbilityNet) for transcripting this clip.


Invitation to crowd source captions

We wanted to get these videos online as soon as possible. We would really appreciate any help you can give by captioning a portion of the videos using YouTube's new captioning tools.


More videos from the event will be available shortly.

Comments (4)

dotjay said

at 11:59 am on Sep 30, 2008

Excellent! Thank you, Kath. I am still compiling a list of useful videos, so I will add these.

Kath Moonan said

at 12:04 pm on Sep 30, 2008

Your welcome dotjay, I'm going to be uploading more so watch this space.


Kath Moonan said

at 12:05 pm on Sep 30, 2008

Oh Jeepers! I mean "You're" welcome!

hi.antonia said

at 2:44 pm on Sep 30, 2008

Good stuff Kath!
Just to let you know, I am still working on getting hold of people for permissions to put mine somewhere.
It hopefully won't be too long before I can get them up somewhere! :-)

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